Friday, May 20, 2011

The End of the World is Nigh

Jesus comes back to earth tomorrow at 6 p.m. Not sure how that will work exactly--does that mean our British neighbors will be raptured first? Who knows.

Oh, Harold. No refunds for those who have donated to you? Are you really so sure that Judgement Day is May 21 that you can't promise to give people their money back?

"May 22 will be the second day of Judgement. We don't know what's gonna happen to Family Radio on that first day or to the banks or anybody else. We have no idea. But it's gonna be horrible. It's gonna be a horror story that we absolutely cannot conceive. Millions of people will die on that day and every day thereafter. This kind of conversation--what will we do the next day?--it's nonsense, it's utter nonsense! Because it is going to happen. This is what the Bible teaches. This is not something where there is a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny chance it might happen; it is going to happen."

Famous last words. Prepare to eat some serious crow.


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