Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Real Cost of Religious Faith

If you haven't heard of the Atheist Experience show, you need to check it out. It's supremely awesome and I'm quite addicted to clips of the show on YouTube. They also have the show archived. Matt Dillahunty is the bomb (in a good way); he is the current host and came to his atheism while contemplating becoming a pastor, and investigating the Bible. The show airs live every Sunday from Austin, TX.

One clip that I thoroughly enjoyed and did such a fantastic job of talking about several important points, is this:

Just watch it, and then watch the thousands of other clips or all the shows in their entirety. ;) The clips are great, though, because they highlight the best portions.

Matt does such an awesome job of being rational, analyzing evidence, pointing out logical fallacies, and how all religions are based on faith; when it comes down to it, your faith in Christianity has no more weight than a Muslim's faith in Islam. You throw out all the evidence and make a choice to believe what you want to believe, and can only justify it by saying "it takes faith." In this clip and in many others, there is a common theme: what kind of almighty God would need faith to believe in him? If he were so omnipotent, couldn't he just prove himself once and for all so that we can stop worrying about it? It's a great show that has really helped me refine my critical thinking skills and understand atheism better.

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